Privacy Statement


This privacy statement informs the users of the website about collection and usage of user data. Responsible for the website and data protection is:

J├╝rgen Rummel
Marderweg 55
07749 Jena

For me as provider of my website, the privacy of the users is very important and I take care to handle personal data as confident information.

Access Data

This website is hosted by GmbH at their own server. This server collects data about access of the website and stores them in server-logfiles. The following data will be stored:

  • visited pages
  • timestamp of the access
  • number of transferred data bytes
  • referencing website
  • browser, language and version
  • operating system and the used interface
  • IP address

These data are required for technical reasons to show my website, and the data are used for statistics. The server-logfiles will be deleted after 14 days. However, the company GmbH is allowed to check the logfiles in case there are indications for an illegal use.

Utilization of Cookies

This website uses cookies in order to use it as multi-language page. It is necessary to show the page content in the user selected language at every page opened. For this user friendly behavior, the users browser stores a small text file, called cookie. At every page request the browser sends the selected language stored in the cookie to the server, to respond with the correct page content and language.

Collection and Processing of Private Data

In the case, a user contacts me per e-mail, I will store the communicated data, i.e. the e-mail address and probably other personal data like name and the content of the e-mail. These data are used to respond to the e-mail. As soon as the correspondence has served its purpose, all data and e-mails will be deleted.